ZoomTea Plus Chia Seed Increases Your Stamina & Focus

Jesse FelicianoZoomTea was specifically developed for Jesse Feliciano, the former welter weight champion. ZoomTea was formulated by his future mother in-law who has studied herbs for over 20 years. She developed ZoomTea with the addition of chia seed which is an amazing super food to give Jesse extra energy and better focus.

ZoomTea with black and white chia seed gave Jesse Feliciano the edge that he needed while sparring and in the boxing ring. ZoomTea with the addition of chia seed also helped Jesse to keep the weight off before a fight. Jesse would call his ZoomTea with chia added his healthy addiction. Jesse Feliciano (now retired from boxing) was noted for his stamina. He attributed his longevity in the ring due to drinking ZoomTea with chia seed added.

About Chia Seed

ZoomTea Gives You EnergyChia Seed is the richest non-marine, whole-food source of dietary fiber and Omega-3 known to man. Ancient Aztecs valued it as a high-energy endurance food. Their warriors could march for up to 24 hours without tiring, ingesting only a teaspoon full of this "wonder food" and sipping a minimal amount of water. The seed's high concentrations of Omega-3 oils also promote heart health, joint mobility, and strengthening of muscles and bones. Its hydrophilic properties assist in detoxification by cleansing, soothing, and lubricating the colon, absorbing toxins, and strengthening peristaltic action.

Adding Chia Seed to ZoomTea produces an almost gel-like viscosity. It's not meant to be a beverage you drink in gulps. Sipping allows your body to get the most out of the elixir's nutritive properties, coating and filling your stomach slowly to curb hunger while providing a gradually increasing boost to your metabolism. You should be able to feel the elixir's effects within minutes after taking your first few sips. As you sip ZoomTea with added Chia Seed, you'll quickly be able to taste and feel its beneficial effect.

"As a diabetic, I have to keep a constant watch on my blood sugar levels. Since I have started sipping ZoomTea mixed with Chia Seed, I've been amazed how constant the numbers are throughout the day. No more peaks and valleys. Thank you, thank you, thank you, ZoomTea." - says Beth H



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