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ZoomTea is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It is a specially formulated infusion of four natural aids to health and vitality: Yerba Mate, Tulsi, Peppermint and Stevia. Each ingredient alone has powerful effects on well being. Taken together, they provide nourishment, increase metabolism and heighten alertness, while alleviating stress and assisting in weight control.

Healthy benefits of ZoomTea

Greater vitality
Weight control
Heart health support
High in antioxidants
Lifts your spirits
Mental clarity
Reduces fatigue
Immune system boost
Anti-cancer properties

Add Chia Seed for more healthy benefits:
Blood sugar stabilization
Increased regularity
Cholesterol reduction

ZoomTea with Chia Seed also helps remove radiation toxins from the body!

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Former Welter Weight Champion, Jesse Feliciano attributes his success in the ring to ZoomTea with added Chia Seed!
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2 Month Supply - 1lb of Mix
Price: $35 includes FREE SHIPPPING
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Add 1lb of Chia Seed
Price: $12.95 PLUS $3 SHIPPPING for the 1st pound, with $1.50 for each add'l.
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ZoomTea Is Better Than Coffee, Tea or Soda...

gives a sustained boost in energy, rather than an immediate jolt
has the strength of coffee or green tea without the bitterness
does not cause jitters

ZoomTea Is Better Than Green Tea...

90% more metabolism-boosting nutrients
higher in antioxidant content

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